Find expert legal advice in three easy steps with Bangladesh’s first online legal-service providing platform. Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries whatever your needs, we got you covered. Get started today!

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How It Works

Get your legal solution in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Speak to Our Team

Talk to our team of professionals to get a better understanding of your exact legal needs.

Step 2
Connect with a Legal Service Provider

We connect you to a lawyer specialized to your case and assist you with putting together the required paperwork.

Step 3
Complete Your Legal Request

We see you through complete delivery of your required service until you are satisfied with our services

Why Choose UQEEL

UQEEL gives you access to a wide range of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries within the comfort of your own home. Why go anywhere else?

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Complete the entire process and chat with us from your dashboard

Professional Services at Affordable Prices

Usually, "professional" equals "expensive", but not at UQEEL

Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries in One Place

From registering a company to compliances, all the services you need are here at UQEEL

Quick Support

All of your queries will be answered within 24 hours

Most Used Services

Trusted by clients looking for efficiency without compromising on competency, including...


What people say about us

Aneire Ehmar Khan

Aneire Ehmar Khan

Co-Founder & CEO, Niramoy

I really think Bangladesh needed a platform like UQEEL. When it comes to the legal service sector, there is still a lack of accessibility to it in terms of keeping up with the digitization of all the other sectors in Bangladesh. Wishing UQEEL all the success in its journey ahead.

Kazi Saiful Islam

Kazi Saiful Islam

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, Electric Eye

As I remain busy with my own business, making time to attend court and chase after lawyers to resolve my legal issues were extremely difficult for me. UQEEL has been great in handling my legal problems without requiring much intervention from me. Thank you UQEEL for your timely and efficient response.

Sanjana Sadique

Sanjana Sadique

CEO, Digiland

Really exciting to see an online platform providing support with all legal services. UQEEL is very easy to use and the team is very friendly and easy to speak to. Highly recommend UQEEL.

Rezwanus Shakib

Rezwanus Shakib

District Project Officer, RDRS

It's fantastic to have an online platform that can assist with any and all legal services. UQEEL was simple to use, and the team was kind and easy to communicate with. I received just what I needed in a fast and effective manner. UQEEL comes highly recommended.

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